Passionate Life – Mike Breen and Walt Kallestad

This is a biblically-centred approach on how to live the Christian life using a series of mnemonics in pictorial form (or lifeshapes).

The book starts with the basics of conversion and highlights the role of faith in both repentane and belief.

Our conversion is recognized as a truly significant or ‘kairos’ moment and the writers major on these occasions as a vital part of the discipleship process.

The Christian life promoted by Mike Breen and Walt Kallestad emanates from the idea that we need to learn to rest, particularly in the Lord, as ‘we are human beings and not human doings.’

This in turn fosters the opportunity for God to prune us and means we are more sensitive to His call to our heart as we gradually enter into a more intimate relationship with our Creator.

I found that I can learn from their ‘stress-free’ approach to the Christian walk and even the role of leadership is calmed down to the steps of delegation, discussion and concensus or as the authors state, ‘I do, you watch; I do, you help; You do, I help; You do, I watch.’

I can also relate to the 5 fold-ministries, in that we have a base ministry, mine being evangelism, but we have phase ministries which we pass through to enrich our base ministry.

Our base ministry is usually determined by our individual personality, described in the book chiefly as extrovert or introvert or pioneer or settler.

Whatever our calling, we need to be engaged in constant prayer and the authors give a poignant précis of applying the Lord’s prayer to our life, as its major 6 points are always relevant and inexhaustible.

All this is appropriate to a spiritual life which mirrors our physical life and all its functions, this makes up yet another life-shape.

I am pleased to say that the final emphasis turns to the importance of a lifestyle of outreach and of looking to the example of the greatest evangelist of all time – Jesus.

This book is radical and challenging, presents a fresh concept in applying Biblical principles to the Christian life and serves as a thorough introduction to Breen and Kallestad’s ‘relationship-driven life’ in Christ.

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